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Beanie Babe

December 5, 2009 Leave a comment

This is the first in a series of Beanie posts.

Noro Kureyon Beanie. Takes one skein. Knit in the round.

Get your gauge, then cast on the number of stitches based on your head circumference (make the number divisible by 8, more on that later) and how you want the hat to fit. If you want it tight fitting, subtract an inch. If you like it loose fitting, do not subtract.

Garter edge for 1 1/2 inches then stockinette stitch for the desired length (depends on your head size and how you like to wear your beanie: high on your forehead or low near your eyebrows. Measure a hat that you like the fit.)

Note: Garter stitch in the round is: knit a row, purl a row. Repeat these 2 rows for a garter "ridge" or 2 garter stitch rows. Be sure to mark the beginning or end of the round so you know where to change from knit to purl.

When it is time to begin the crown decrease, divide the total number of stitches by 8, (you will have 8 sections) then knit to the last 2 stitches in each section and knit 2 together. (k2 tog) for the entire round.

Knit the next round, no decreases.

Repeat these 2 rounds until you have 8 stitches remaining. Try the hat on to see if it fits. If so, cut the yarn, leaving about a 6" tail.

Thread a tapestry needle and thread the yarn through the open 8 loops. Pull tight to close hole. Weave in all ends, block as appropriate for your yarn, and enjoy! this website explains it really well.

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Gauging the Gauge

December 3, 2009 Leave a comment

Valery and Clara

I recently received Hip Knit Hats: 40 Fabulous Designs, Cathy Carron’s book about, hats!

I thought I would give’s or (Webs as they like to call themselves) Berkshire Bulky a try so I ordered several colors to make the Valery hat.

Valery calls for size 11 (US) needles, bulky yarn and  2.5 stitches/inch.  Webs says Berkshire Bulky will knit up at: 3 sts = 1 on #10 needles, so I thought on 11s there was a good chance it might work.

While I was waiting for my order from Webs, I saw  another hat in the book, that I wanted to make: Clara.  Clara, called for #9 (US) with a gauge of 3 stitches/inch, chunky yarn.  Another hat, Hilda has caught my eye.  Hilda calls for Bulky yarn and size 11 (US) needles with a gauge of 2.5 stitches/inch.

Photo Hilda from Pond’s Edge

Knowing that knitting combines art and science and math and that one woman’s bulky is another woman’s chunky, when the Berkshire Bulky (BB) arrived, I swatched.  I tend to knit right to gauge.  I practice Combination Knitting or you might say I am a combination knitter.  So, I thought it would be interesting to see how BB worked up on 11s, 10s and 9s, respectively.

I cast on 20 stitches and knitted 10 rows.  With the 11s, I got my 2.5 stitches/inch.  With the 10s I got 3.5 stitches/inch and with the 9s I got 3 stitches/inch.    I didn’t get 3 stitches/inch as yarn label indicated I would using #10 needles.  Go figure.

My Valery came out quite well after consulting the errata for the pattern on the author’s website.  So did Clara, if I do say so myself!

Be certain to do this if you are knitting any of the patterns from this book.  While the patterns are cute, the book is full of mistakes.

Here is a photo of my Valery…

And here is the Clara Hat that I knit with a noni camellia as an embellishment.



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I realize this is QUITE late, but this hat is so cute!!!!
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